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why is this 18+. u gonna fuck the corridor dude
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My brother works in a syrups/confectionary lab and sent me a picture of the latest accident last night. Pressurized berry concentrate never looked so murderous
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Quoth the raven,
brushie brushie.
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aaaaaaahh because Luke likes teddy bears and I like pokemon ok
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Art School Ego
by Tom Eichacker
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I keep leaving SFM all night and my hours played goes up and up.
But yeah started this last night, finished just now
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by 101110110 (deactivated)
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I’m thinking of making a new set called disturbing gifs. These are gifs that genuinely make someone uncomfortable, while the creepy gifs are scary, disturbing gifs should be just plain unnerving. Do you have any suggestions? Share your gifs on the sixpenceee tag! 

I want this. Please.

Just to give you an example, this is a creepy gif:


and this is disturbing: 


think of a disturbing gifs as a step up from creepy gifs. non-gore please! 

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i swear every time i wear this shirt i get asked where i got it so if you were wondering, it’s from here
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koutadragara submitted to dailypicturesofsniper

It’s about fucking time I manage to make something actually worth spreading around a bit.
Okay it’s not really that good I know I just really really wanted to submit something don’t judge me :V

no dude omg this looks amazing holy crap
like really really realllllllly amazing ( ・∀・)
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